"This letter it is to compliment Isram and Dakkak Tours for a truly memorable time in Jordan thanks to their choices of our guide, Iyad, and driver, Sa'ad. We can't recommend them highly enough. From the moment we met them at the border in Jordan, they were extremely professional, personable, and prompt.

Iyad is so knowledgeable about his homeland and so enthusiastic. He has gone out of his way to ensure our comfort, customizing our trip to our particular interests and needs. He always has a smile on his face and never ceases to go the "extra mile"-in every circumstance. For example, when Mrs. R's bad back acted up during the trip, he instantly made arrangements to our schedule so that we would have time to rest today and still be able to take in all the sights we are so looking forward to on another day.

Last night we had plans to take a cooking class in Petra (which was great). Imagine our surprise and delight when the owner brought us a bouquet of roses at the end of our meal to celebrate our honeymoon-courtesy of Iyad and Sa'ad!

Isram and Dakkak are truly fortunate to have such valuable employees representing their companies.

Thank you again."
-Travelers to Jordan, May 2015
"Dear Leonora: I just wanted to thank you as well as Isram for the unbelievable FAM that you put together for us. In my opinion, this was the best organized, the best accommodations and the best guided tours that any travel company has offered as FAM trip. Once again, many thanks,
Best regards,
S. Grynkorn, CruiseMaster Int’l, Ltd."
- FAM Trip to Budapest, Vienna & Prague,February 2014
"My husband and I and another couple recently went on an IsramWorld Tour of Israel and Petra, Jordan. It was a terrific experience and we highly recommend IsramWorld. Our tour guide was excellent and every day was full with wonderful visits and experiences. We will never forget this amazing trip."
-Travelers to Jordan, October 2013
"Hi there - We arrived home from Spain yesterday, and wanted to let you know we had a fabulous time! All of the arrangements were well done, and the tours were so wonderful. I am not sure if you can pass along to IsramWorld, but our guide JoseMarie was just fantastic, and our driver William was professional, pleasant and also full of information, etc."
-Travelers to Spain, October 2013
"I want to thank you, for helping arrange a terrific trip. Harriet and I enjoyed every bit of it, with the exception of the air travel, of course. We saw and learned a lot and had a great guide, good traveling companions and perfect weather (never saw a cloud). I will happily recommend Isram to relatives and friends. The people at the Sadot were terrific and we were, indeed, given a free ride to the airport in the morning.
PS--Quite a few in our group thought it might have been less of a hassle to bus directly to Eilat than to take to the air with its attendant security checks, etc. There was a bit of confusion on the flights between Eilat and Tel Aviv. The information flow from Isram regarding the replacement flights was good. My thanks again, Charlie."
-Travelers to Israel, October 2013
"Isram continues to do a great job. Accommodations were very good including goodies in the rooms and great locations. The stay at the kibbutz in Galilee was different, low key and rather nice to be out in the rural area.
The itinerary worked very well for us and our guide was delightful and most accommodating. He was extremely knowledgeable and very patient allowing extra time at sites that were especially meaningful to us as well as making adjustments based on our desires.
He handled my lost phone perfectly by calling the local Isram office and making arrangements to drive to the hotel in Tel Aviv to pick it up one evening. He brought it back to me fully charged.
Can't think of a thing I would have changed.
Thanks for your help in making this a most memorable trip."
-Travelers on the Israel Holy Lands Tour, October 2013
"Dear Isram,
I just want to let you know that my clients called to rave about the trip they took to Israel with Isram (Israel Overture). They said everything was wonderful. The Hotels were perfect, the guide was a gem and transfers were great.   Thank you for all your help."
-Travelers on the Israel Overture Tour, October 2013
"I am writing to thank you for an extremely successful and well planned trip to Morocco for my V.I.P. clients.
I received a call from both of them the morning after their arrival back in Kansas City. They were ecstatic about their trip and couldn't wait to tell me how pleased they were. They loved the hotel and riad choices and they adored their driver/guide. He was kind and knowledgable and they loved spending time with him.
They loved the special cooking class. The night in the tent and camel ride to watch the sunrise were spectacular. Mr. B told me that it was so beautiful in the desert that he slept outside of the tent so he could watch the stars all night.
As you know, I was holding my breath about this trip……these are not young travelers and they have used me many times before. I suggested this itinerary because it's one I personally love but I knew that it could easily go awry if the correct itinerary, properties and guide were not in place.
I trusted your good judgement, Elisa, and you did not disappoint me in any way. The 'B family' are very grateful and asked me to pass on their thanks to you. I also want to add my sincere thanks to you for being so pleasant to work with. The entire experience was a pleasure.You are the best!"
-Travelers to Morocco, October 2013
"We had an amazing trip, and we are very grateful for your efforts to ensure that happened. Please also convey our appreciation to your Isram contact – we were shocked when an airport representative met us in London to escort us to our flight to Tel Aviv, and were delighted when an airport representative met us in Tel Aviv to escort us through security and ticketing for our return flight. (We did feel a bit guilty about going to the front of the security line, but we quickly overcame that when we saw how long the line was!)

Our private guide, was exceptional. When people ask what our favorite part was, it’s very difficult to identify one thing – we just say, “You have to go and see it for yourself – and you need to see it with an Isram guide!"
-Thompsons, Israel, October 2013
"We had the pleasure of having the services of Elgiz Ormanoglu as our guide in Istanbul on 16 October. Having used guides extensively over the years, Ms. Ormanoglu was exceptional in her caring service and knowledge. She is a credit to your company."
-Travelers to Turkey, October 2013
"I have already recommended Isram. I would definitely take another tour in the future. We met wonderful people who we will stay in touch with!"
-Travelers to Israel, July 2013
"Our guide made the trip—unbelievable knowledge, great. Been on a lot of tours but none like him.  Keep doing what you are doing.  I loved the trip—group of 14 so we became a family. Keep the numbers on the tour low. More intimate.  Will definitely travel with Isram again.."
-Judy & Ron, Israel Fantasia Tour, July 2013
"We would highly recommend this Tour. Our tour guides were fantastic as well as our bus driver."
-Marvin & Zita, Israel Fantasia Tour, July 2013
"Upon arrival, Isramworld rep found me right as I went through customs and then we found my luggage easily –your IsramWorld Belt was really helpful in spotting luggage.  I enjoyed all the food and places we dined.  The choice of different types of meals – Druze village, restaurant dinner, Kibbutz lunch were great. Our driver was excellent as well as courteous and pleasant.  Our guide Shmulik was very knowledgeable about all the places we visited and did a terrific job of explaining the history of the sites with humor and patience.  As a first time traveler overseas, initially I was anxious but I’m so glad I chose Isramworld and this tour.  My traveling companions were delightful and Isramworld really took care of everything. I loved the entire experience."
-Joan, Israel Rhapsody Tour, June 2013
"We had a wonderful time and will highly recommend this tour .  The guide was extremely knowledgable , friendly and caring.  Could not have been better."
-Bernard & Doris, Israel Symphony Tour, May 2013
"This tour exceeded our every expectation.  We were thrilled with the care and attention we received from our driver and guide who was exceptional. She was knowledgable, interesting and different! Sensitive to our religious needs."
- John & Ronnie, Israel Rhapsody Tour, May 2013
"The Tour guide was extremely intelligent while providing knowledge to us about Israel, Jerusalem and all of the sites traveled. He is really exceptional and helpful. I am planning to travel to Israel – the Holyland again and again! I am also planning to travel with Isramworld again and again.  Isramworld is simply the “best” and I don’t know if I can travel with any other tour company.  Thank you a million times for such a wonderful and spiritual Trip to Israel."
- Cynthia, Holy Land Pilgrimage Tour, April 2013
"Thank you for your time, effort, coping with the numerous email exchanges and special requests, and most importantly in making the Keenan trip a memorable one. I could not have done it without you all. Thanks so much for seeing us through some very heavy planning and choosing wisely when there were so many choices available. The trip flowed so well and your constant availability was most reassuring. It was an amazing trip. The extent and precision of your work to co-ordinate something of this scale is to be commended. It was an amazing trip that the boys and I will remember and appreciate for years to come. Your assistance, support and guidance were a huge help, and contributed to the overall success of a wonderful family vacation."
- Group visiting Tallin, June 2013
"I just wanted to share my great experience with you that I personally experienced with Orient Flexi-Pax Tours. I escorted a group of 19 last month to China, including Tibet. It was an upscale group so I wanted to make sure that the trip would be reflective of their expectations. I had given Orient Flexi-Pax certain parameters such as hotels (Regent Beijing, Shangri-La Xian, The St. Regis in Lhasa, the Amanfuyan in West Lake, the Penninsula in Shanghai and the Victoria Jenna / all executive sutes) and let them do all the logistics. We had a China National Guide with us throughout that was absolutely beyond fabulous and a second guide in each city. The trip was flawless, with every detail well-thought out. The group department was wonderful to work with and extremely responsive. They handled getting the Tibet Permits easily and followed through with me on all the China Visa applications as well. I would recommend them to anyone that asked. Interstingly, I had priced the exact same itinerary with A & k and, as much as I wanted to work with them, they were about 25% higher and would not give me a TC."
- Travel Agent and Group visiting China & Tibet, April 2013
"The trip was GREAT. Our tour with Isram was as described: dependable, good guide, great vehicle, excellent hotels, and we had the flexibility to spend more time where we wanted (ie. shopping, museums) by not being with the group. It was well worth the extra $ to have a private guide and car. The Kabbalah weekend in Tzfat was excellent: we had a chance to feel the spirituality of Tzfat by eating with local families, attending services with them, and getting personalized explanations at the various graves of the tzadikim (Righteous men) who are buried there. The Hotel in Tzfat was a B & B that was rated the best B & B in Israel; it was great. We would do the Tzfat weekend again in a heartbeat. Tel Aviv was full of nightlife: we saw opera, ballet, and ate at the best restaurants. The museums were fabulous, the food was great, etc. I don't have a negative to say about the trip except that flying through Newark was not pleasant: long security lines, endless flight delays, mob scenes throughout the airport as people scramble to re-arrange cancelled and delayed flights. I love Israel; if my kids and grandkids were not in the U.S., I would move there. Thanks for arranging a fantastic trip. If you would like me to talk to anyone about the trip, please feel free to use us as a reference. Thanks again for arranging a fabulous trip!"
- Travellers visiting Israel, April 2013
"Hi, I have to tell you that our Isram trip was amazing. Our tour guide Doran was over the top. We loved all of the people on the tour. They were our new best friends for 10 days."
- Travellers visiting Israel, April 2013
"I have talked to the family upon their return, and they had a wonderful journey. They had amazing comments for the hotels; absolutely nothing but remarkable. I so appreciate your expert assistance in making this an amazing journey for this special family."
- Travellers visiting Israel, April 2013
"The trip was AWESOME! Both guides were amazing (so knowledgeable and wonderful english speakers), the VIP airport services very helpful (especially leaving Tel Aviv to fly home), and Bracha was also helpful in getting us rooms one additional night as our flight home was very delayed. The hotels were very nice, with the David Citadel and Grand Hyatt in Amman being the best. While the weather was chilly (as expected), much of the landscape was green, which was NOT expected (due to recent rain). We loved everything we did and saw and while the day driving from Jerash to Petra was long, I am SO glad we saw the ruins there -- they are truly amazing! The lunch at Wadi Rum was pretty bad, but the cooking class at Petra Kitchen was awesome. Thanks so much for figuring out how to make my list of must-sees work for our family. It is a trip we won't ever forget: we drove by the area my son's Torah portion took place and got his Tallis there. I have been meaning to write you and thank you for the past week since we've been home. I'll recommend you to anyone interested in taking a similar trip! Many thanks!"
- Travellers visiting Israel, February 2013
"Dear Lenny, my clients had a wonderful time and it was truly a great experinece for the family. Mr. Z has visited Israel many times in the past both for business and pleasure and commented that Isram did a great job. He was especially pleased with the decision to have the celebration in Jerusalem with a view of the old city, excellent service, great food and atmosphere. There was much thought given to the kids and what would be of interest to them. Everyone arrived on time at Massada and Isram provided great support. The driver/guide was knowledgable and top notch. Both my clients and I would not hesitate to recommend Isram to friends and clients for their future travel. I would personally like to thank you for your support and appreciate your prompt replies to my clients many questions and concerns. You are truly an assest to your company."
- Why Not Travel Agency - travellers visiting Israel, December 2012
I hope these kudos are going to the right person. My clients, the V. family were scheduled to depart for Israel on October 29th. Due to the arrival of “Superstorm Sandy” there was no way that they could depart on that Monday. El- Al did not cancel flights to Israel until the day of departure. I had limited access to my cell phone due to the power outage in my home. My clients were very anxious to take this vacation that they had planned for many months.

I emailed Isram who passed my request for help on to Elisa during the office shut down. Elisa contacted my clients by phone and email and kept me informed of the arrangements.

With the help of Elisa, Neomi and Isram's Air Department, who were in constant contact with my clients and me, they were able to leave on November 5th and are currently enjoying their first trip to Israel. I cannot thank them all enough for the caring and persistence that they afforded me and my most valued clients.

Isram has been my choice for travel to Israel and other destinations for many years resulting in many happy, satisfied travelers. I am gratified that Isram has proven itself a tremendous partner in the worst of times as well. My thanks to all of your team!."
- Bonnie K. - travellers visiting Israel, November 2012
"Just wanted to thank you for everything you did to make our trip an amazing experience... The 3 choices of cities were perfect, the hotels were fabulous, Isramworld's tours were wonderful and informative, guides were lovely, and the transfers worked out perfectly! We had a most memorable trip."
- Travelers to Budapest & Prague, October 2012

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