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Leading US Tour Operator Joins Select Group Licensed to Offer Trips to the Once-Off-Limits Island
New York - August 13, 2013: IsramWorld, one of America's largest tour operators, is launching a series of landmark journeys to Cuba, making one of the United States' closest neighbors--so long off-limits--accessible to thousands of American travelers.

The 9-day, 8-night tours will be presented to niche audiences by three IsramWorld brands: tours for general travelers will be available through Latour; tours for gay (LGBT) travelers will be available through PrideWorld; and tours for travelers interested in Cuba's Jewish heritage and community will be available under the IsramWorld banner.

The first tour departure to Cuba is November 29, 2013, with a total of 4 departures in 2013. Some 20 departures are planned for 2014, with a virtually weekly schedule except during the mid-July-through-September hurricane season.

"Travel to Cuba has been unavailable to Americans for more than a half-century," says Ady Gelber, President and CEO of IsramWorld, "but from my first visit to the island in 1995, I knew this would be a thrilling experience for curious Americans."

Full details are included in a new 16-page brochure. All tours will include an extensive program of encounters and meetings with Cubans under a people-to-people program approved by the United States Department of Justice. Tours are priced at $3,985 per person and include roundtrip flights from Miami, stays in top hotels in Havana, Cienfuegos and Santa Clara, many meals, a full program of touring and meetings, as well as a pre-trip overnight and briefing at the Sheraton Miami Airport.

In addition to exploring the sites and beauties of Havana and beyond, the heart of each tour is an intensive schedule of meetings and exchanges with a variety of Cuban professionals, including academics, artists, performers, economists, environmentalists, designers, trade unionists, urban planners, healthcare specialists and more. The Jewish Heritage programs will also include in-depth exposure to Cuba's small but vibrant and diverse Jewish community. Similarly, the LGBT programs will feature encounters, meetings and exchanges with Cuba's gay community and the opportunity to learn about its particular challenges and achievements.

Despite the long absence of American visitors, Cuba has a well-developed tourism infrastructure and is extremely popular with Canadian and European vacationers. In Havana, IsramWorld travelers will be accommodated at the luxurious Melia Habana Hotel, and at the finest hotels available in Santa Clara, Trinidad and Cienfuegos.

For full details and a brochure on IsramWorld's Cuban "Educational Exchanges that Promote People-to-People Contact," call 800-825-0825 or visit www.latour.com

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